The mind was never meant to be the master, it was meant to be the servant of an awakened heart.
— Course in Miracles

The HART center is a place of renewal where we quench what our spirit is thirsty for and begin anew. We are dedicated to individual, community, and global transformation. Through healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, inspiring talks and healing retreats, the HART center creates a positive connection between your internal landscape and the external world. The modern pilgrimage is one where you live your authentic truths and travel the inner depths of your heart. Whether you are seeking inner peace, creative clarity, or divine love, we will help you find your life purpose.

Stay tuned as our vision continues to grow and unfold in profound and unexpected ways. We are taking steps toward something new. Taking steps toward bigger risk for bigger collaboration. Taking steps to be more open so that we may bring forth the promise of an awakened heart. 

Healing: The inner journey of re-aligning your mind, body, and spirit. 
Adventure: Turning your purpose into action.
Revitalization: Finding inspiration from your own life story.
Transformation: Cracking your heart wide open to elevate to your most optimal self. 

upcoming events:

Afro Yoga with Leslie Jones
Afro Flow Yoga® promotes healing, balance, peace and the elevation of all humanity through the practices of yoga, dance, rhythms, spirituality and cultural values of the African Diaspora, in a compassionate, non-judgmental and safe environment.

For additional info on upcoming classes and events, see our events page.