letter from our founder

Our lives are a series of choices. We can always start over. We can always do the right thing. A few years ago I was confronted with a devastating trail of losses. Ultimately, it was my own vulnerability and brokenness which allowed me to turn towards the pain. Only by choosing to walk into our pain, grief, and anguish can we connect to the love that transcends all limitations. It is in this heart space that the healing begins and our unbridled heart can soar.

The HART Center is an inclusive gathering place where people can come to renew and reconnect with their most vibrant self. I envision a place where people laugh, cry, mingle, take solitary walks, enjoy colorful wildlife, and explore the deeper meaning of what it is to be human in this world. 

I believe that we are all meant to do something unique in our life and the HART Center is a space to turn your purpose into action. Through self-reflection, deep inner work, and community support, you will be elevated to new heights where you can see the impact you want to make in the world. 

The HART Center is built on the core tenet that we are all intrinsically connected. This simple but powerful belief can change the trajectory of our collective hearts and global future.

From my HART to yours,
Sue Hart