Nick Ivory

A nine year old boy riding his bike in Elmhurst Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, goes into a magic shop. The shopkeeper puts 2 coins in the boy’s hands and places his hands behind his back. When the boy brings his hands around to open them, he discovers two completely different coins. That was the moment the world stopped, magic became real, and Nick Ivory found his future.

There would be many more bike rides to that magic shop in the early days, and a lot of learning and practicing magic. Nick began performing at local restaurants when he was 16, learning how to engage an audience and honing his craft. One job lead to another and then to another, the wind seemed always at his back. While his parents in the beginning didn’t think this was going to be a career and wanted Nick to get a “real job”, his early successes quickly turned that thinking around. 

On to Las Vegas and more training in the very secretive and underground world of magicians. He met one of his greatest mentors, Armando Lucero, at an underground magic fraternity. Armando taught him that magic is more than just a slight of the hand. Magic is an experience and story that breaks down the barriers in our mind and inspires us to believe in what is possible – a way of working that Nick embraces and shares to this day. 

At the same time that Nick was developing his magic skills, he was also pursuing music. An accomplished classical jazz pianist currently studying at the Berkley College of Music, he describes music as one of the deepest and most inspiring parts of his life.  Not surprisingly, combining his two loves, magic and music, is his ultimate goal.  And in true Nick Ivory style, he is making that happen by working on a theatrical stage production with both music and magic. All this while performing 6 days a week all over the country and internationally.

Certainly there have been obstacles along the way - including his own perfectionism. But Nick has arrived at a place in his life where he’s learning to let go of his inner critic, learning to be a little easier on himself. Knowing that ultimately, his gift is taking an audience to that other-world, where they can be lost in the moment, stop thinking about tomorrow, and feel like a child where everything is possible - the way he first felt in that little magic shop in Elmhurst.

Nick Ivory will be bringing his magic to our grand opening celebration on Nov 17-20. For more details see our Upcoming Events.