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At Vista Ballena we love a good story. Across time and across cultures, stories not only served as powerful works of art, but as agents of personal transformation.


Stories bridge people together. As the listener, whether we are reading a book, talking to a friend, or watching a movie, we relate by internalizing the story into our own life history. We become more ingrained and connected to the storyteller creating a sense of belonging, of community, and of camaraderie. 

These stories of courage, humor, openness, risk, and forgiveness are the essential expressions of humanity. Each of us has a story that can speak volumes to the global heart. With the intention to connect our local and global community, please join us as we showcase amazing, vulnerable, and empowering stories that will be sure to crack your mind and heart wide open.  


Sarah Billings

Story coming soon...

Saeeda wright

Minister of joy. Teacher. Counselor.




Nick Ivory

Magician. Mentalist. Entertainer.