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Whole Body Focusing Series

This is a 6 week series beginning March 29th, every Wednesday at 10:30am

Price updates soon! Email for details. Registration begins March 13th!

What is Whole Body Focusing?

What is whole body focusing and how does it work?  It is a place in your body, a knowing that happens, a shift that takes place, a sensation that you feel, a word that you hear or an image that you see.  It can happen very subtly like it can unravel in a very powerful way. It is the act of breathing, living and uniting your body and mind in the present. You have the ability to connect with your body in order to gain wisdom from it. With whole body focusing techniques you can access your body wisdom, and let things release, unfold, be nurtured, by the pure act of just being.

In these sessions, it will be a different experience for each and everyone of you.  You will feel into your body wisdom and open up to whatever wants to make itself known. The only thing you have to do is be open, pause, listen and receive the information that will be stirred, to flutter into your feeling body. Clearing a space, to wash away the drama and chaos gravitating around and within you, permitting your true story to unfold.

Focusing allows experience to unfold from within. We allow our attention to drop inside our bodies, then be receptive, cultivating an attitude similar to meditation. We trust that whatever feelings, perceptions, or understandings need to emerge will gradually unfold, without pushing the river

-Who is it for ~

Everyone! Life has become increasingly fast paced. With technology bringing us to higher peaks of productivity. Wired to the virtual world - (YES!  Even in this paradise right here in the jungle)  People are missing the connection with the inner world.

Are you one of those people who feel overwhelmed most of the time? Now stop.... breath and check in....constantly struggling with the monkey mind, letting it get the best of you..., feelinga disconnect or are looking to deepen your inner connection?

Your not alone! You have become so good at giving generously of your energy to others, depleting yourself,  day in and day out, of valuable energy. There are sooo many like yourself that don't know where to turn. Seeking a method to give generously back to themselves and....relax.

Benefits and what some of Jeanine's clients have said:

There are just so many benefits it's difficult to list them all. Releasing the negative energy preventing you the full enjoyment of life's greatest in serenity.  You feel more relaxed and by association, better able to sleep and have more energy through out the day.  Listening, better communication, and feeling a greater sense of appreciation of life's interactions are all improved skills often associated with Jeanine's sessions.

Some of Jeanine's clients say it’s peaceful, intimate, clearing, refreshing and non-judgemental. It's all about getting a clearer picture of your authentic feelings after all, self awareness is a requirement for good communication. We can only communicate what's on the surface if we have yet to discover what lies deep within us.

With a new twist to the mindfulness game, Jeannine helps you discover the importance of “me time”.  Specializing in helping you get a sense of focus and control back in this crazy roller coaster we've  


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