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With panoramic views of the jungle and ocean, Vista Ballena Hotel is in Uvita and will instantly transport you and your guests to their private paradise. Catch the crimson sunset while sipping a cocktail or lounging by our infinity pool.

Whale tail Marino Ballena Park

Vista Ballena Hotel is set high among the mountainous jungles of Costa Ballena overlooking the majestic "Whale's Tail" sandbar. It is the perfect backdrop to say "I do". We offer staffing, catering, cleaning and all our amenities for your event. Our ocean view hotel has an incredible location in frony of the sun-drenched beach.

Wake up to the stunning view of the sunrise over the horizon, painting the sky with shades of gold and pink.
Step outside, feel the sand between your toes, take a leisurely walk along the water's edge, or simply enjoy the warmth of the sun's embrace.

At Vista Ballena Hotel you can relax and swim in our deep water pool while enjoying the breathtaking views from our mountain-top location. We have a separate pool area for children, as well as a shallower section for adults who just want to cool off.

The infinity pool is deeper and features a specially designed waterfall flow, with a tiled bench underneath where you can sit and feel like you're under a rainforest cascade.

The sounds of the surrounding jungle only enhance the experience.
Détendez-vous et profitez de la vue, pendant que notre personnel professionnel et amical s'occupe de vos moindres besoins. Nous proposons des bières locales, des cocktails tropicaux et une gamme de vins soigneusement sélectionnés.

Vista ballena Ocean View Hotel

Nous sommes fiers de rendre votre journée mémorable, qu'il s'agisse d'une petite réunion ou d'une grande célébration. Notre collection de vins primés, la cuisine gastronomique du célèbre Mi Amore Ristorante, le superbe bar du coucher du soleil, la terrasse de yoga en plein air et la piscine à débordement à deux niveaux ne sont que quelques-unes des caractéristiques qui font de notre lieu un endroit spécial.

We also have a stage with professional sound and lighting that can add to the festivities. All we need is you and your loved ones to make the event truly magical!

Our main room is 459 sq ft and can accommodate up to 100 guests. It is adjacent both the bar and pool and features elegant chandelier lighting and spacious pitched ceilings.

Sunset at paradise, Vista Ballena Hotel

Voyages de noces - Mariages - Réunions

L'hôtel Vista Ballena offre deux espaces distincts et magnifiques pour les événements privés. Le premier est l'espace Restaurant-Bar-Piscine, qui peut être réservé pour des fêtes privées, des déjeuners, des dîners, des banquets de mariage et d'autres événements similaires.


Whether you are looking for traditional foods or custom themes our chefs will work with you to plan the perfect meals for you and your guests. Ask us about wine pairings or decadent desserts to make your event truly unforgettable.

The second one is the Hart Healing Center, which features a large roofed yoga platform with a panoramic view of the Costa Ballena coastline and the Pacific Ocean.

This space is ideal for weddings, private yoga groups, talks on wellness and self-improvement, and other life-enhancing events.

Vista Ballena Hotel Uvita

Le Centre de guérison Hart est spécialisé dans le yoga, le bien-être et l'évolution personnelle. Laissez notre espace faciliter la découverte et l'activation du but supérieur de votre vie et d'un plus grand bien-être. Encouragez-vous en réservant dès aujourd'hui une retraite de yoga au Centre de guérison Hart.

The Hart Healing Center is a place of developing well-being and renewal, where you can work on your evolving self in peace, and revitalize your entire being. Through healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, and occasional inspiring talks by local self-improvement practitioners, the Hart Healing Center creates a positive connection between your internal landscape and the external world. 

The modern pilgrimage to far-off lands like Costa Rica is one where you strive to more fully live your authentic truths, and travel the inner depths of your heart. Whether you are seeking inner peace, creative clarity, or a more connection to your Higher Self, we will help you discover and begin to fully manifest your life purpose. 




Various types of Healing Therapies can be arranged for guests at our Hotel, including multiple types of massage. We also offer Beauty Salon services can also be received in the privacy of your room. Currently, the spa professionals providing these services are brought to the Hotel for appointments for your maximum convenience and privacy.


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